Tides' Stories of Impact

The stories and voices of Tides' partners leading the charge toward equity and justice in their communities.

To rise to the demands of our time,
Tides is reclaiming our approach to accelerate change.

By strengthening the power of our partners, we are working to reimagine how to more fiercely and fearlessly build a world of shared prosperity and justice.

These are our stories from 2021.

We are rising to meet the demands of our time.

By strengthening the power of our partners, we are more fiercely and fearlessly building a world of shared prosperity and social justice.

These are our stories from 2021.


Partner and Community Voices

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Kenyatta Leal

Executive Director of Next Chapter

A Project of Tides Center

Kenyatta Leal is living proof that having a secure job after being incarcerated can be a defining lifeline. After serving 19 years in prison, he not only found employment for himself, but eventually led a nationwide effort working with tech companies like Slack, Zoom, and Dropbox to create pathways to high-skilled engineering jobs for formerly incarcerated people.

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Gabrielle Wyatt

Founder of The Highland Project

Community Leader and Tides Panelist

How can companies establish a more equitable social and corporate sector? Tides' Corporate Impact Leaders Forum brought together corporate social impact leaders to share their insights on removing barriers imposed by historically inequitable systems, and the criteria for an authentic corporate commitment to equity.

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Marsha Jackson

Co-chair of Southern Sector Rising

Tides' Women’s Environmental Leadership Fund grantee

Marsha Jackson, co-chair of Southern Sector Rising, fought and won to have “Shingle Mountain,” a 100,000-ton pile of toxic roofing debris, removed from her southern Dallas neighborhood. Now she continues to use her voice to help other communities like hers seek justice.

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Looking Ahead

A letter from Tides' CEO,
Janiece Evans-Page
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It’s our responsibility to shift power

One year ago, I embraced the invitation to step in as the new leader of Tides. Amidst the most uncertain global context in recent history — a racial justice reckoning and a global pandemic — Tides experienced record growth. As I took on the role of CEO, this question sat at the forefront of my mind: How would Tides lean into this moment to create visible, palpable, systemic change that results in true shared prosperity and social justice?

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